Founder of Ebb and Flo Hair Boutique, MaryAlice joins the Blossom team with over four years experience. In that time, She has found that there is freedom through expression, distinction recognized in the innovative and encouragement to see beyond the evident. MaryAlice, inspired by the power of hair, loves helping guests achieve feeling excited about being in their own skin.

“One of many miracles hairdressers get to witness is watching eyes light up as if all of a sudden the person has remembered themselves. I think we remind people to know their worth intimately. I feel blessed to do that so frequently. I love feeding off of that excitement and it is a huge part of what keeps me inspired and curious.

“I love working with a group of people who very clearly live true to their purpose, it makes the world feel reachable. I am grateful to be a part of this community where we want to grow and teach each other how to continuously come alive.

“I love diversity, to me hair defines that. Hair is valued in every culture around the world, it embodies history and continues to be a part of today’s modern society, and it is a timeless textile. Hair can be; a veil, inspiration, a vehicle, a statement, an identity, a morality, an attitude, a character, a textile, an art, a status, and the list goes on.”

“Fashion is a way of saying, this is who I am today.” ~Blake Lively

Hobbies and interests:

Travel, sipping coffee, napkin art, dancing in the water, dog walks, painting, and photography.

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